Dulce Delights - Cakes, Pies and Sweet Treats
Layer Cakes
Layer Cakes are available in various shapes and sizes.  They can be specialized to order and made almost anyway you like.  The following is a very basic list of some of the items available and base prices.  Actual pricing for layer cakes will be set after a consultation. Additional flavors available.·       
Common Cake Flavors: Red Velvet, Lemon, Yellow, Chocolate, etc.·       
Common Fillings: Cream Cheese, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Crème, Lemon Custard, etc.·       
Common Toppings: Chocolate/White Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Shavings, Snow Sugar, Fresh Fruit, Piped Icing, Coconut, etc.
*Layer cakes can be covered with fondant, ganache or buttercream frosting.  Various flavors of buttercream available.
*Cupcakes available upon request for $2.00each.
*Layer cake pricing starts at $22.   
Bundt Cakes
Bundt Cakes also require a consultation.  Prices will vary according to cake type.  Specialty bundt cakes also available.·       
Common Cake Flavors: Lemon Poppyseed, Pound Cake, Spice Cake, Applesauce, etc.·       
Common Glazes: Lemon, Plain, Chocolate, etc.
*Bundt cakes can be filled and/or frosted upon request.
*Bundt cakes start at $15 each.
Cheesecakes are all 9” and also require a consultation unless ordering a plain cheesecake. Specialty cheesecakes available.
·        Cheesecake Flavors: Plain, Lemon, Chocolate, Fruit Swirl
·        Crust Flavors: Original or Cinnamon Graham Cracker, Chocolate, Cake (any flavor), Sugar Cookie.
·        Toppings: Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Shavings, Fruit Puree, Fresh Fruit, Lemon, etc.
*Cheesecakes start at $23 each.
Pies require consultation only for specialty, non-menu items.
·        Fruit Pies: Apple, Cherry, Peach, Mixed Berry ($17)        
·        Custard Pies: Pumpkin, Chocolate, Lemon ($12)
Small Treats
These small items are available seasonally or upon request with advanced notice.  Call or email to check availability and prices if not listed.
·        Buckeyes ($5 per box)
·        Caramels ($5 per box)
·        Mexican Wedding Cakes ($3 per box)
·        Chocolate Toffee ($5 per box)
·        Cookies: Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Peanut Butter (2 for $1 or $5/dozen)
·        Pretzel Sticks $4 for 10
·        Pretzel Turtles $5 per box
·        Turtles $6.50 per box
·        Mini Fruit Pies (3 for $2 or 75¢ each)
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